General H. H. Arnold
Wiesbaden High School
Class of 1964
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                                       John (Ferguson) Acker

                                    Independent Real Estate Professionals
                                     316 E Bridger, Las Vegas, NV 89101
                              (702) 325-5884

                                          Here’s my bio snapshot:

64-68 Lewis and Clark College, Portland OR
69-70 UPT Vance AFB, OK    (Undergraduate Pilot Training)
70 Fighter lead in training, O-2A training Hurlburt Field
70-71 O-2 pilot Bergstrom AFB, TX
71-72 O-2 pilot/IP/Stan Eval  Hue Phu Bai/Da Nang Rep of Vietnam
72-74 IP/Stan Eval T-37s at Vance AFB
74 – set up pilot training for King Hussein in Jordan
75-76 T-37 IP/Stan Eval and AF and Coast Guard Training officer, US Embassy Amman Jordan
76-77 ASTRA @ Pentagon    (Air Staff Training)
77 – fighter lead in training Holloman
78  F-15 pilot training Luke AFB
78-80 F-15 flight commander, Bitburg AB, GE
81-82 F-15 and Chief Operations Branch, USAFE IG, Ramstein ( US Air Force Europe - Inspector General)
82-83 ACSC, Maxwell AFB (Air Command & Staff College)
83-86 staff officer, J-5, JCS Pentagon
86-87 Exchange officer, Royal Air Forces Air Warfare Center, Cranwell UK
87-89 Exchange officer, British Joint Warfare Staff, Royal Marine Base, Poole UK
89-90 Asst Director of Operations, F-15 pilot, Bitburg AB
90-91 Director of Fighter Ops and Tng, HQ USAFE Ramstein
91 special assistant to Cinc USAFE
91-93 Vice Commander, F-15 pilot, Bitburg AB
93-94 Chief, Operational Readiness Div, Command Battle Staff Director, HQ ACC, Langley AFB
94-95 Chief of Safety, HQ ACC and F-15 pilot
95-97 Vice Commander, Nellis AFB F-15 test and eval pilot 

When the Berlin Wall fell, actually the day after, I went to Berlin and East Germany to obtain all the different tactical aircraft, missiles, radars and other equipment that the Former East Germans trained Saddam Hussein’s military on and gave them and set up delivery of the aircraft to Ramstein and the equipment to Rhein Main to ship to Wright Pat for exploitation.  That was exciting and I have some great photos sitting in a  MiG-29.


                             John Andrews
           10836 N. 65th ST. Scottsdale, AZ 85254
                 480-609-0606         602-432-1993

     After leaving Wiesbaden in late summer 1964, we were transferred to Sumter AFB in South Carolina. A family friend drove me to Gainesville, Florida and the University of Florida. Driving on campus for the first time, amongst some 30,000 students, I spotted a familiar face and rolled down my window. “Sander!”, I yelled. So began my two year experiment with Larry Sander, Mike & Kathy Richardson, Christine England and UF. For my part, too much fraternity and fun led to too little grade point and the draft came calling. Actually, they sent a notice to the frat house, Sander decided to do me a favor and tore it up. This led to the police asking my parents where I was and me taking the Army over prison.
          Comparatively, the next 45 years were fairly tame. After Vietnam I followed a young lady to BYU, graduated, got accepted to law school, but decided to sell for Xerox in Virginia instead. A Xerox customer recommended me to the Las Vegas Convention Bureau’s Washington, D.C. office where I sold conventions for a year, got Jim & Suzi Armstrong a few good Vegas show tickets, plus our 1979 reunion deal at Caesar’s Palace and fell in love with hotels. Hotel sales, management and development, were my career for the next 30 years.
          Starting in Columbia, Maryland, I went on to Asheville, NC, Phoenix, AZ, San Francisco, CA and back to Phoenix. Back in Phoenix in 1988, I met the great joy and grounding factor of my life, lovely Lisa.
In 1992 I was asked to take over the Australia/New Zealand region for Ramada and Renaissance hotels, and met the second love of my life, Australia. This love was moved to fourth in my life in 1995 when our twins, J.R. and Emily were born.
          We returned to Scottsdale, AZ in 1998 due to some family reasons, but I continued my involvement in Australia by buying a travel agency and creating a tour company, Golf Wine Travel, that sold luxury Australian and New Zealand holidays. In 2007, after a little scare with a blood clot and pulmonary embolism, supposedly as a result of long flights, I sold the travel group and started developing an Australian hotel investment company. Unfortunately, the global financial crisis of 2008 imploded that venture so I have been sticking closer to home lately and also delving outside of travel and hotels with a new start up company, Shelby Auto Care. This is a partnership with the Carroll Shelby group and, hopefully, can get the twins through college. Not to be discouraged, I am also trying to get a master franchise for Australia.
          The bright side of losing all the Australian ventures is that for the last couple of years I have been able to be around J.R.,Emily and Lisa and, as Debbie Boone so melodiously put it, they light up my life!
          By the way, it is much slower than envisioned, but the novel is slowly making its way from 1961 to 1964. Quite a few revelations have come to light and I expect to add a few more in Colorado after a few drinks. Stay tuned.

      Jim Armstrong &
    Suzan (Butterfield) Armstrong
          418 Limoges Terrace
        Henderson NV 89014-3781
702-456-8097  -  702-510-5528

 We left Wiesbaden the summer of 1964.  Suz went to Kent State and I headed to the University of Iowa.  We stayed in touch and eventually (boy, did I leave out a lot of detail here) got married in June 1968.  We headed to Denver where I attended law school.  Suz had her first teaching job (of a 25 year career) in Jefferson County, outside Denver.  Our daughter, Amy (now 40), was born while we were there…I was an Air Force ROTC student in college so after law school I went on active duty with my first assignment being MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida in the Staff Judge Advocate’s office.  Our son Greg (now 37) was born at the MacDill hospital.  I volunteered for a reassignment to Nellis AFB outside of Las Vegas in 1974 and we have lived here ever since.  My son, daughter, and their families are here as well so we are blessed in that regard.  Suz had to stop teaching in 2001 due to a rare retina disease which is slowly taking her vision.  She fights through it every day and most of the time one would never know she is visually impaired.  I got out of the AF in 1977 and joined the law firm I still work at/for.  I have become a full time mediator, arbitrator and part time civil judge in Las Vegas.  I am able to make my own schedule which allows me to spend more time with my bride and our 3 year old granddaughter, Melinda.  Suz and I have done a lot of traveling/sailing to the Caribbean, Mexico, Panama (fishing), Tahiti, Australia, Tonga and other spots when we can put a trip together.  We are Harley Davidson owners/riders and spend a lot of time taking short trips around Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California.  We are enjoying life with family and friends and specifically look forward to continued contact with so many folks from H. H. Arnold after almost 50 years.  Truly amazing.


                                              Sharon REEP-Baldi
                                            1008 Wedgewood Court
                                             Woodstock, GA 30189
As a civilian I lived in Bad Godesberg (near Bonn) and commuted to Wiesbaden Sunday evenings living in a boarding house in Wiesbaden Bieberich.  Actually it was the home of a retired Lt. Col. and his family.  They had a big house with room for several boarders.  All of us boarders were American civilians attending WHS.  In fact, the home was next door to Barron Wilk and his family.   Weekdays, after school, I would have to immediately board the bus to go back to the boarding house and as soon as classes ended on Friday I would take a taxi to the train station and back to Bad Godesberg for the weekend.  No after school activities for me.  Not that those of us in Bad Godesberg didn’t have fun.  We had access to all activities connected to the American Embassy like movies and a teen club.
               As soon as our graduation ceremony concluded my family went immediately to the airport for our return back to the States where I was in Glendale College by fall.  I married, had a beautiful daughter, and worked in advertising until I went to work for Lockheed Martin in 1980 until my recent retirement after 31 years.
               I’m from Southern California and lived there until Lockheed transferred me to Georgia in 1990.  My daughter had married the year before and had just moved to Seattle.  So, as a single-empty nester, I was able to pack up me and the cat and move across country to Woodstock (north of Atlanta), Georgia.  I also spent a year working in Ft. Worth on a special assignment.. 
               My favorite thing to do is travel.  My daughter, son-in-law, grandson and granddaughter all live in the Houston area now.  Even my mother moved there recently.  So I go there often.  Last fall I went to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.  I’ve done Alaskan, Hawaiian, Transatlantic and Caribbean cruises.
               I’ve also spent almost a month in New Zealand, Australia and Tahiti.  I’ve returned to Wiesbaden once with my daughter to show her Europe.  I’m hoping to return to Japan soon.  I lived there before Germany.  I’m always looking for a traveling companion.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Michael Barrett

South Carolina

After high school graduation, went to college, graduating in 1968 (The Citadel), majoring in German of all things.  A couple of years in the army followed, then I stayed in the reserves for a little over 34 more years, retiring in 2006. In civilian life, I went to grad school at the University of Massachusetts for my master and doctor degrees in the 70's.  Big transition from the Fortress of Fascism in Charleston to UMass in the Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts.  Switched to history, German history, of course (WWI, Weimar and Hitler periods).  Spent a year in Germany as a student doing research at Freiburg and Munich Universities for my degree. In 1976, The Citadel recognized my genius financially, and I've been in Charleston since then.  Professor in the history department.  Written a couple of books. Dramer said she bought one; ask her if it was any good.  Been married to my beautiful wife Sara for over 40 years. One son, lives in Charleston.  Hobby is sailing, and we usually cruise a good bit of the summer on our boat which we keep on the Chesapeake Bay.  Will retire in the summer of 2012.



                Catherine BROUSSEAU
                      9039 Sligo Creek Pkwy #1702
                 SilverSpring, MD 20901
            301-588-9087     202-355-8585

      After graduating in home economics from LSU in 1968, I got an MS in consumer economics from Cornell.  Cornell was a cultural shock because it was my first up-close-and-personal exposure to the 60’s US counter-cultural scene.  No question, I was changed by it.  Following 6 months living in and exploring Japan with family, I moved to Alabama to teach consumer economics at Auburn University for four years.
In 1974, I entered the Adrian Dominican order (motherhouse in Adrian, Michigan).  During 10 wonderful years as a nun, I did chaplaincy at Detroit General Hospital, parish work in a Michigan small town parish, pastoral work in Denver’s public housing projects, campus ministry at Vanderbilt University, and political issue education at a small Catholic lobby group in Washington DC.  Along the way I got a second masters degree in Biblical studies.

           Deciding not to take final vows, I left the Dominican order in the mid-80’s and soon joined the staff at AARP where I worked for 23 years, until retirement in 2009.  At AARP I did issue education and political organizing with volunteers, primarily in New England and the Pacific Northwest, and later began training staff on policy issues and advocacy strategies.  Midway in my tenure, I moved into organizational learning and performance, working primarily with staff and eventually taking a management position.
During this 23-year period, serendipity kept me company.  In 1989, I did month of travel in east Africa with a friend, staying with missionaries in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Kenya.  In 1991, wine tasting became a hobby and I visited wineries in California, Washington, Oregon, and Virginia (but pulled back from this when I got breast cancer in 2000).   In 1994, I was in the US delegation of UN monitors observing South Africa’s first free elections.  While there I visited friends in Cape Town and did some wine tasting around Cape Province.  In 1997, I went to Uganda for a couple weeks, staying with friends doing a year of service, and then vacationed on the island of Zanzibar.  In 2003, I graduated from the Newfield Network’s coaching program and I gained coaching certification two years later. 
The reason I left the Dominican order was a collapse of religious faith.  Having a spiritual bent, I explored other options for some time but could not find a spiritual home.  In 1997, a friend gave me Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, Peace is Every Step.  In it I encountered the word “mindfulness” and knew instantly: this is what I seek.  I followed that thread to Buddhism and have been on that spiritual path ever since.  In 2002, I helped establish a Buddhist scripture study group in my area, which continues monthly in my home.  Turning my energies to formal study and practice of Buddhist teaching, I began leading others in meditation and core teachings in 2006, and I also mentor others who seek guidance in their practice.
In recent years I have done extensive travel in Australia, India, and Russia.  I volunteer in my condominium, and spend as much time with family as possible, which usually entails travel.  This year I got my condo remodeled, including a complete kitchen renovation: painful process, glorious results!  All in all, I am blessed indeed.



 Connie (Coury) WATTS

Following graduation I spent three years studying political science before getting the urge to return to Europe for what I fondly call my “ski bum” years.  I worked happily in Wiesbaden, living first on the economy and then at the Amelia Earhart.  When the DM got very expensive in the early 70’s, I decided it was time to go home.  I met Keith Watts soon after returning stateside and we married about four years later.  We enjoyed duty stations in Belgium, Germany and Hawaii before retiring to the Washington DC area in 1982 where Keith worked for SAIC.  In 2000, a couple years after losing Keith to prostate cancer, I moved into a townhome in Falls Church, VA where I reside today.  Over the remaining years I have traveled and cruised—Europe, Asia, Africa, even the South Pole.  God willing, I will return to South America this fall to climb Machu Picchu!  While at home, I keep busy in non-profit fundraising and management for ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) and the National Symphony and work with my church.


                    Judy (Dramer) HONEGGER
             7240 Brazos Ct. N.E.
                Albuquerque, NM 87109
                505-821-8686     505-250-3148

After returning to the States in June 1964 on the USS United States, the parents picked up a car and we drove South; the Dramers are from Memphis, Little Rock, and Jackson, MS.  As you recall the South was a very different place then.  I found that I had very little in common with my cousins.  We then went on to farm country in Kansas to see my mother’s relatives.  Next was Albuquerque where my parents dropped me off for classes a UNM.  (My father was transferred to Roswell, NM.)  I joined a sorority and worked hard, as we all have, to fit in again.  It took a couple years, but I came to really love the high desert, the mountains, etc. 

I met my husband, Sam, while I was an undergrad.  He came out here from the University of Illinois to colonize a fraternity and go to graduate school.  We got married, did odd jobs like managing college student apartments, had children, and started being “grown-ups.”  After almost completing his PhD in Industrial Psychology and working as a loan officer in a bank, an opportunity came up and we bought the Yellow Cab Company.  Very interesting (sometimes scary) people drive cabs.  Around that time we got into race horses and went into partnership with a “horsey” friend to buy a horse ranch between here and Santa Fe.  At that time I got my private pilot’s license, thinking we would be flying around to ranches in the state.  Soon after that, however, we discovered just how much money horses eat and how much people who work for you can embezzle!  (Such a time of growth it was).  Anyway, we sold Yellow Cab, and sold our half of Rancho de Pena Blanca.  (The ranch was mentioned in the original land grant documents—interesting aside).  After that, Sam bought a business (auto parts—which nobody knew anything about) and 30 years later, it’s the largest locally-owned parts warehouse in the state—nice work, Sam.
Personally, we have 2 great children.  Heidi is a nurse practitioner in private practice.  She, her husband and 2 children live 3 blocks from us.  Adam is president of Parts Plus of NM (our company).  He and his wife have 3 children and live less than 10 minutes from us.  All in all, I live a VERY unmilitary life.  I’m always open to questions or comments about all the life experiences that happen between the lines. 


                                      Charles DRDLA

After WHS, I went to school at Lawrence University in Wisconsin, but decided college was not for me at that time.  I joined the Air Force and after about a year of electronics school, I became an avionics technician specializing in Airborne Navigation systems.  (All you AF pilot types can thank me for maintaining the systems that told you where you were and where you were going!  In fact, I may have even worked on some of Jim Maloney’s EC-47s in Vietnam.) I finished my time in the AF at CCK Taiwan on C130s and F4C/Ds.  Stayed in Taiwan after leaving the AF, studied Chinese and graduated from Univ. of Maryland.  I went to grad school at University of Denver for a while and then joined the Boeing Company Commercial Airplanes program in Seattle.  I was the Boeing Manufacturing representative at Xian, China for 4 years.  After returning from China, I continued to support Chinese and Taiwan airline customers at Boeing, and did make numerous trips back to China for AOG work or to conduct training.  My last 15 years at Boeing were in the Customer Services Service Engineering organization helping the airlines maintain their 737s.  Retired from Boeing in April 2011 after 32 years.
I was not involved in a lot of sports after leaving WHS (one year of college football at Lawrence—I got to kickoff a few times), but did find one sport that I really enjoyed while in Taiwan.  Rugby!  Found it a much better game than wussy American football--40 minutes of non-stop action per half.  Even ended up overnight in a hospital one time with a severe concussion and another time had a broken nose---but hey, that was the nature of the game.
Going on 34 years of marriage with my wife from Taiwan with one son.

                              Carter HARRIS
                           14 Lake Shore Dr.
                             Holland, MA 01521
From 1964-68, I went to Colgate University in Hamilton, NY.  I’m not sure I learned much (other than that I didn’t want to live in Upstate NY in the winter), but I did have a terrific time.  Let’s just say that I’m one of a few hundred guys who know the movie Animal House was actually a documentary.  I wasn’t invited to try out for football.  Although that bothered me at the time, I guess they knew what they were doing.  The guy I would have had to beat out was Marvin Hubbard, who later made all-pro for the Raiders.  I did run track my freshman year and did pretty well.  I didn’t win all my races, but I won my share and the team’s leading scorer.  By sophomore year I had joined a fraternity, joined a band, and put on a few beer-fueled pounds, so that was it for my athletic career.

1968 was a big year in my life.  I finished college (short a few credits, which I made up while in the service, met Cindi, the love of my life to whom have been married for 42+ years, and went into the Army.  I entered the Army in October 1968 and spent the next year in training (Basic at Ft. Dix, AIT at Ft. Polk, and OCS at Ft. Benning).  Cindi and I were married in April 1969 right before I went to OCS.  From OCS I had the great good fortune to be assigned to Germany where Cindi and I spent 18 months living in Frankfurt (yes, I did visit WHS).  Our daughter Kira was born in Frankfurt in September 1970.  In September 1971 I was sent to the RVN where I was XO of an infantry company with the 101st Airborne.  Four months later the 101st was being redeployed to Ft. Campbell and they evidently didn’t think it was worth their while to send me back to serve the few months I still owed Uncle Sam so I was given an early out and sent home.

In March 1972, I went to work for the Hartford Insurance Company, where I worked for the next ten years.  After a six month training program, I was assigned to their Kansas City regional office where I was an examiner and supervisor in the claims department.  In March 1976, I was returned to the Home Office in Hartford, CT.  We bought a house in Tolland, CT, where we lived for the next 26 years.  Tolland is about 30 miles from Hartford and about 15 miles from Storrs, the site of the University of Connecticut, Cindi’s alma mater.  (It turns out Jim Maloney was ROTC instructor at UConn during some of those years, but we never knew of each other’s presence and never hooked up.) After ten years, I left  The Hartford and went to work for The Paul Revere Insurance Group in Worcester, MA, about 45 miles from Tolland.  I held a number of lower and middle management positions there and left after another 10 years.  I then joined a friend and former Paul Revere associate in a small consulting firm, where I worked until retiring in April 2001 when I turned 55.
In 1998, we bought a weekend/vacation cottage on Lake Hamilton in Holland, MA, about half way between Holland and Worcester.  As time went on, we spent more and more time at the lake and less and less time at home, so we decided to look for a full-time home on the lake.  We found it in 2002, sold our Tolland home and Holland cottage, and have lived here happily ever since.


                                                          Max JOHNSON  
                            612 Spottswood St.
                       Fredericksburg, VA. 22401
                         540-310-0068     703-517-2404

I’m a retired Marine Corps officer, defense consultant and business executive.  I have lived in Camelot, Annandale, VA, Fairfield Beach and Fredericksburg, VA, Shelburne, VT, and Bonita Springs, FL during the past 35 years. 

Married to Anna Lee Lamkin Johnson of Shelburne and Bonita Springs.  We have three children:  daughter Ann Marie Johnson Melville, MD, her husband Ensign Gregory Melville, USNR and their daughter, Greer, and son, Kai, all of Ashville, NC; son, Lee, and his wife, Stephanie or Charlotte, NC; daughter Barbara, and her children, Lily Orme and Seth of Bonita Springs.  My brother, Christopher Ward, WHS class of 1966, was a career AF pilot, and has several children and grandchildren.

I graduated from Santa Clara University in 1968, received my MA in Middle East Studies from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon in 1974, and earned my PhD in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia in 1982.  I’ve published numerous articles on international security issues, military strategy, and military history.

My professional career has spanned over 40 years of military service, government operations, leading-edge research and development, international and military security policy analysis, and business development.  I retired as a Colonel after 22 years in the Corps, and spent the next 23 years in several business development and senior operations and program management positions in the private sector.  These included Director of European Sales and Marketing for Magellan Corporation (GPS), Director of International Marketing for Tacoma Boat (coastal patrol boat and yachts), Marketing Manager for Sperry Marine (marine navigation systems), Director of International Projects for The Washington Times, President of Chenowth Corporation (military vehicles), senior joint military analyst for Cubic Corporation in the Marine Air Ground Staff Training Program, and Senior Military Analyst for the Marine Corps in support of OIF.

During my career in the Marine Corps, as an armor officer, I served in command and operational positions at every level from platoon through regiment, including a tour in Vietnam as the Force Reconnaissance and Surveillance Officer for III Marine Amphibious Force and later as Assistant Combat Intelligence Officer for the 1st Marine Division.  I subsequently served as Commanding Officer, BRAVO Company, 2nd Tank Battalion, Commanding Officer of Mechanized Task Force BRAVO in NATO Operations Deep Furrow and Deep Express in Norway, Denmark and Germany in 1976, and Executive Officer of the 27th Marine Regiment in 1986-87.

A specialist in Middle Eastern politico-military affairs throughout my military career, during my final military posting, I was Country Director for Persian Gulf Affairs in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, advising Secretary Weinberger and Secretary Carlucci on critical strategic issues in this volatile area.

                                                      Jean-Ellen KEGLER
                                                      656 W. Brookline Dr.
                                                   Williams, AZ 86046
                                               928-773-1709     928-607-4038

Known during my 4 years of high school as Jean, rather than Jean-Ellen, so I always know it’s a high school friend on the line if they say, “Jean?”  “Kegler” works, too.
          Actually spent only 2 years at WHS (freshman & sophomore) – graduated from Palos Verdes High School in California.  Max Johnson and I carried on a torrid love affair during our senior year, when he was in nearby Inglewood.  (Well, we didn’t actually do anything besides kissing… but I’ve tried to keep that as our little secret.)
          Protested the war (while supporting the troops) from my secure little world at Whittier College.  Majored in Political Science, minored in Philosophy & Social Work.  Fell in love the first week of my freshman year & we married in 1967.  Divorced two years later (guess I wasn’t really ready for marriage).  He is one of the finest human beings on this planet.
          Graduate school at USC for a Master’s in Dance (I took the whole “do your own thing” thing to heart).  Married again in 1971 (to a Kansan) and moved to Kansas for a “couple of years” until leaving in 2002.  In there somewhere was a stint at Xavier University in Ohio running an inner-city education program.
          I celebrated my 50th birthday by taking Highway 50 (with lots of tangents) across America, a two-month trip.  Saw Max in St. Michaels, MD; Larry Sander in Louisville, KY; John Andrews in Scottsdale, AZ.  It’s been fun keeping in touch with friends from Wiesbaden.  Great reunions, especially with Judy Dramer & Claudia Thompson.  Jim Maloney, too (Remember that great dinner in Chicago?) 
          I’ve worked in the Arts, Economic Development, Wholesale, Retail, Education, Research, Administration.  I’m long on enthusiasm and short on attention span (except when it comes to friends and family).  I’ve been somewhat wealthy and considerably less than.  I’ve been slim and considerably more than.  I’ve been loved by cats and dogs, and loved them back.  I’ve never met a horse I didn’t like. 
          I got my 40 quarters, so I’m eligible for Social Security.  I get Medicare in October… which is especially nice since I’ve had to go a couple of years without insurance.  I have a repair list for Medicare, beginning with my gallbladder.
          Recently studying Energy Medicine, as taught by Donna Eden.  The advertisement mentioned “good vibrations” – what did I know?!  Now I can balance your meridians.
          After a second divorce (this in 1999), I was pleasantly single.  Moved to Flagstaff, Arizona (later 30 miles west to Williams).  Went to Sturgis in 1999 and 2000 on a 1983 Harley shovelhead.  Explored my father’s roots in Montana.  Edited William Least Heat-Moon’s book River-Horse.  Worked on a ranch (briefly!)  Opened a shop on Route 66 in Williams, Arizona – and sold it just in the nick of time.  Wrote a children’s book that may actually be published this year.  Unsuccessfully managed a Main Street program in Williams.  Lost every ounce of my considerable self-confidence while substitute teaching (I still have nightmares about that Tuesday with the eighth grade).
           I’ve enjoyed wonderful relationships with other people’s children, most especially my stepdaughter Angela and my goddaughter Susanne.  My mother (now 94) and I grew into a beautiful relationship about a decade ago and I’m so grateful for that.  I miss my father, the Renaissance Man.
           And here’s the really cool part: On Tuesday, June 5, 2007, a cowboy walked into my shop in Williams – actually a pretend cowboy walking the streets before the evening shoot-out.  He said, “I’m Rusty.”  I said, “I’m Jean-Ellen.”  We began talking about Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.  He moved in on June 15th and we married on October 6th.  I had no idea Deepak was such a turn-on!
           This past March we moved to an acre in Prescott – Williams is really no place for an aging flower child and a pretend cowboy.  (BTW, he’s also Santa on the Grand Canyon Railway’s Polar Express – check him out at )  I’m so sorry I can’t make it to this reunion, but if you can sing the WHS alma mater, you’re welcome at our home any time. 

                                                            Jim MALONEY           
     7908 Kona Circle, Papillion, NE 68046

1964     —Graduated from WHS and dad retired from the AF.Family returned to Littleton, CO.
1965-68—Boston College, BA in Economics.
1968     —Met and married Peg (BC School of Nursing ’68) and joined the AF.
1969-89 —20 year career as an AF pilot.
1969—     USAF Officer Training School, San Antonio, TX. 
1969-70—Pilot Training, Reese AFB, Lubbock, TX, Class 71-01. 
1970-71—C-133 pilot, Dover AFB, DE. 
1971-71—EC-47 pilot Tan Son Nhut AFB, Republic of Vietnam. 
1972-75—KC-135 pilot, Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH. 
1975-77—T-38 instructor pilot at AF pilot training school, Webb AFB, Big Spring, TX. 
1977-80—Taught Mgmt and Leadership to Juniors at University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. 
1980-89 - RC-135 pilot, Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE (including 3 years in SAC HQ.)
1989-91 - DC-9/MD-80 pilot, Midway Airlines
1992-2006 - MD-11 Captain, World Airways ...until federally mandated retirement at age 60.
2006-2010—Part time pilot for US Army Corps of Engineers
2010-present—Full time retired!

Still married to Peg.  We have three daughters and nine grandkids (5 boys and 4 girls) who all live in the greater Omaha area.
I keep busy with the grandkids’ activities; seldom missing their school or sports activities.  I also enjoy my summer golf leagues and computer activities, acting as web-guy for several clubs and organizations.


|                   Gayle (Russell) MERCURIO
              337 Carmel Dr.     Melbourne, FL 32940


      The summer following my four wonderful years at WHS, the Russell family returned home to Northern Virginia, just outside Washington DC, where my Dad worked. I attended Marymount College in Arlington, VA for two years and then transferred to Old Dominion University in Norfolk,VA graduating with a degree in Education. Returning to the DC area I began teaching in Fairfax County, VA and taking graduate classes at American Univ. During my second year of teaching, I met (Ohio State grad) Vince Mercurio, a young, handsome Naval officer stationed at the Pentagon after his Vietnam tour. We were married in July of 1970. ...Vince got out of the Navy and began working with IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY. I taught school in nearby Beacon, NY. Vince earned his MA while taking classes at Vassar College (much to his delight). ...Three years later IBM transferred him to Raleigh, NC. where I taught in Wake County schools for a total of 22 years. Our darling daughter, Caroline, was born in Raleigh in 1974. ...When she was two years old IBM moved us to Boca Raton, FL for two years. I taught at Boca Raton Academy and took grad classes at Florida Atlantic University. ...IBM (I Been Moved) returned us to Raleigh, NC where we spent the next 20 years and I finished my grad work at NC State University. During that time we owned a horse farm, fox hunted with the Red Mountain Hounds in Durham, NC (never catching a fox, just long wild rides through fields and forest) and competed in Three Day Event Trials in Pinehurst, NC (like they do in the Olympics - dressage, stadium jumping and cross country courses which included racing through creeks and ponds, jumping fences, picnic tables, log piles and stone walls). WOW! What a rush! ... Vince took an early retirement from IBM after 26 years. ...We moved to Melbourne, FL where he worked for a small computer company. I taught 6 years in Melbourne in Brevard county schools. After retiring from public school teaching, I put in three more years of teaching environmental education for Brevard County at a county park Nature Center on the Indian River lagoon (that's 35 years of teaching!). At the park I taught, gave tours and identified all flora and fauna in the park including sea grass, fish, turtles, crabs, manatees, dolphins in the river and birds in the air! Vince and I both are U of FL certified Florida Master Naturalists.
                        A passion for learning and teaching about nature has been a driving force. My classrooms were always filled with critters of every kind and I do mean every kind (snakes, pet rats, scorpions, etc., etc., etc.). Each summer I either took outdoor environmental classes or helped do field studies all over the state of NC. For many years, Vince and I helped band, weigh and sex hundreds of wild Tundra Swans wintering in eastern NC in the freezing cold. We have counted Broad Winged Hawks during migration along the Blue Ridge Parkway with the Audubon Society and released adolescent Sea Turtles used for research back into the Atlantic ocean.
Currently, along with our nature endeavors, we travel in our 40' motor home, running two champion AKC Agility poodles (Vince runs, I groom) throughout the Southern states. Frequently, we visit our daughter in Asheville, NC and throw in some hiking in the Blue Ridge and Smokey mountains. For fun, we identify wildflowers and every living thing along our way. Often, Mike and Cindy Rudd, in their motor-home, meet up with us at various locations. I have known Mike since I was in 5th grade in VA. Also, I chat and we visit with Claudia Thompson Bessinger, my other BFF. My old buddy, Mark Schreiber's humorous email exchanges keep me laughing along the way. Mark and I lived close to each other on the economy near Lindsey Air Station when I first moved to Wiesbaden. He was my first new friend. Early every morning we waited in the dark, on the church street corner for the Air Force blue Ford station wagon to pick us up and deliver us to Gen. H. H. Arnold High School!

                                                Mike RUDD
             11522 Hidden Cove Ct. Trinity FL 34655
                    727-645-5390     727-741-0444

Class 1964
1966-1967 Wingate College, NC
1967-1968 Army Aviation / Warrant Officers Course
1968-1970 Southeast Asia (Thailand / Vietnam)
1970 1973 University of South Florida graduated Criminal Justice BA
1973-1981 Florida State Parole and Probation Officer
1981-1984 Director Pinellas Co EMS
1989 Retired from U.S. Army Reserve as a CW4 Master Aviator
1984-1999 Asst. Director and Director of Pinellas Co. Solid Waste Management
1999  Cindy and I retired and  began traveling on a regular basis

In 1971, I married Cindy in Middleburg, VA at the Red Fox Inn. We have a son David age 38 and two grandson, Evan 14 and Brad 9.  We had a daughter, Taree, who passed away in 1983.
         Presently we live in a 55 plus gated golf community in Trinity, FL.  We have an RV and travel most of the year. We also have property in the GA mountains where we spend the Spring and Fall.  
          Cindy and I love traveling, boating, fishing and motorcycle riding. We both have bikes.


                                            Larry SANDER
                           101 Congressional Dr.
                       Pawleys Island, SC 29585
                      843-237-2281     843-240-9950

My family left Germany in June of 1963.  Dad retired first in Florida.  After graduation, I attended the University of Florida.  I was immediately re-united with John Andrews, Christine England (Holaday), Kathy Richardson (Gillis) and Mike Richardson.
 I left the University of Florida after my sophomore year and went into the Air Force Reserves.  The unit was at Homestead AFB, Florida.  I was trained as a medic and flew air evacuation missions on C-130s. 

My family then moved to McLean, Virginia.  I followed and continued to pursue my degree at the University of Maryland while working at a local nursing home and participating in the Air Force Reserves.  While working in the nursing home, I met Nancy (my future wife) who had taken a summer job there between her junior and senior years in high school.  We had a lot in common as her grandfather (Air Force) and my dad were stationed in Japan together.  Her father wanted to follow his father into the Air Force, but he was rejected for his eyes.  He went to West Point and was career Army. 
 I graduated from college in December 1970.  Nancy and I were married January 30, 1971 and will celebrate 41 years Department of Veteran Affairs.  That same year, I received a direct commission as a first lieutenant in my air evacuation unit at Andrews Air Force Base.
Nancy and I then embarked on a journey worthy of the “brats” that we are!  As a personnel management specialist, assistant personnel officer, and personnel officer, we moved from Washington, DC to Martinsburg, WV, back to DC and onto Richmond, Miami, and then back to Richmond.  Throughout all of these moves, Nancy got her degrees and taught special education.  In 1981, we moved to Asheville, NC.  I had finished my master’s program in health care administration and was selected for the Associate Director training program.  I was the Associate Director in Perry Point, MD and then Lexington, KY.  We moved to DC for the third time where I was the Deputy Regional Director for the Southeastern Region.  Finally, we moved to Louisville, KY where I was the Hospital Director and Nancy worked for Kentucky Department of Education as the LD/ADHD/Traumatic Brain Injury Specialist for the state. 
Despite all of my VA moves, I managed to stay in the Air Force Reserves and retired in 1995.  In 2002, we both retired and now reside in Pawleys Island, SC where we golf and boat daily if not regularly traveling for fun.



                                 Mark SCHREIBER
                White-Springfield House 2112 Rio Grande St.
                                  Austin, TX 78705

(1963 to Present) - In June of 1963 the Schreiber family left Wiesbaden and rotated back to San Antonio. Finished high school, flirted with trying to be accepted into one of the service schools (AF or Navy), but ended up at New Mexico State University.
          One year at NMSU was plenty. Accepted at Rice University but not for another year, so what to do in the meantime? Texas Tech in Lubbock was admitting practically anyone back then so I became a Red Raider. Stayed at Tech but a poor academic record in my chosen major sent me to see Tech’s Dean of Men: “Dean, what it is the easiest degree plan here at Tech?” “Why Mark, that would be a government degree.” One BA in government later, in 1968, I’m wondering what’s next. Viet Nam was still hot and heavy so it looked like a “Greetings” letter from the Selective Service Board was forthcoming, and “what next” would be decided for me.
          The Greetings letter did arrive but by that time I’d (a) signed up with the 149th TAC Fighter Group in San Antonio (Air National Guard); and (b) taken a government job with the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Active duty was as a Medic assigned to the ER at Wilford Hall Hospital. No training, didn’t know a bedpan from a syringe, only OJT. My specialties were ingrown toenails, pilonidal cysts, and gastro-intestinal lavage. The second job was easily the most bizarre. CDC assigned me to work in Houston as an epidemiologist. Translation: I was a VD Investigator, and I was tasked with saving Houston from the ravages of syphilis, gonorrhea and other assorted STDs. Learned fast. Mostly though, after being robbed twice at knife-point, I learned I needed to do something else quick. Maybe a career in law?
Moved to Austin in ‘69 (been here ever since) and started UT Law. Tried private practice for about a year with three other recent grads but decided I needed more trial experience and so became a prosecutor for three years. Then a three-year term as a Municipal Judge in Austin. Tried many, many traffic and assault cases. Most notable proceedings were a “monkey at large” case and another proceeding which arose during a demonstration which got out of hand. Riot clubs came out, tear gas was lobbed in, and a demonstrator (one of the leaders, coincidentally) gave a policeman the finger. He was arrested for an “offensive gesture.” Derived from the old fighting words doctrine, the law’s purpose was to prevent retaliatory assault. After a week-long trial, I found him not guilty because I believed the cop too well-trained and experienced to be incited to violence. It was actually reported in Playboy magazine (“Texas Judge Okays Giving Finger to Police”, or something like that). Texas changed its law at the next legislative session. Next, shifted gears and became Travis County’s Probate Judge in 1980, an elected position. Grew weary of it after 5+ years and resigned mid-term. Joined the firm where I still work today. I handle the estate planning, probate, guardianship, and fiduciary litigation work, but the office has lately become an oil and gas “boutique”. Hope you guys own some mineral interests. If they’re in West or SouthTexas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, etc., we might be the ones preparing title opinions for the producers who lease your interests.
Met my wife Linda, a school teacher, in 1973 when we were both doing local theater. My stage career was short. With a bad Texas accent, only two plays with speaking parts. Linda was the better thespian, auditioning for a role in a low-budget film called “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Became a local cult-classic. On the off-chance you’ve seen it, you might remember a ditzy blonde who ended up on a meat-hook. That wasn’t Linda, only an understudy, but she came close to being on the hook. Horrible pun, true story. Married in 1974 and we have two kids: Erin, expecting her first child in September of this year (2011), and Brad who’s presently bumming around in Australia. Hobbies are hunting, woodworking and lately, cooking. For about 5 years I umpired fast-pitch softball games and tournaments (girls high-school level) in Central Texas. Wasn’t good enough or agile enough to get into the college ranks, but made many bang-bang, split-second calls. Many disputed but all correct, naturally. My motto was “I see ‘em as I call ‘em.”
Thanks, if you were able to get through this. Had a lot of catching up to do.



                                 Sid SPAIN

               11655 W. 22nd Pl Lakewood, CO 80215
                       303-238-1534     970-376-1688

 I sat next to Chris England on the flight back to the states in the summer of 1964.  Picked up my Austin Healy Sprite in New Orleans, threw a footlocker on the back deck and drove to Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  I didn’t know a soul at SMU, but enjoyed four wonderful, fairly successful years there and graduated with a BA in English.  Went through ROTC, was commissioned at graduation, and allowed to enroll in law school.  That lasted about three weeks.  I packed up my few belongings, and with two friends and headed for Aspen where I worked for a resort company, caring luggage, washing windows, chopping wood and doing anything they wanted me to do.  With the help of my little brother, the AF found me and rather than busting me to E-1, gave me orders to another resort community in Minot, ND.  I married a former SMU classmate, Margaret, while I was in Minot, and our first daughter, Jessica, was born there.  Two years later I received unexpected, Vietnam-canceling orders to Omaha, Nebraska for the rest of my obligation in AF blue.
I became a committed, called-to-preach Christian in Omaha and began seminary study at Perkins School of Theology back in Dallas.  Graduated with a Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry in 1977.  While I was in Texas, two more daughters were born, Melissa and Abigail.  Served Methodist churches in San Antonio and Karnes City, TX before I realized how much I missed moving around the world every two or three years. 
In 1980 I accepted a commission as a chaplain in the Navy and spent the next 20 years on the move.  I served in Newport RI, with Marines in Quantico and on a ship out of Norfolk, VA.  Three great years in Edzell, Scotland (where I ran into and worked with Rich Wilhelm) were followed by a postgraduate year at Navy expense.  A tour in Bahrain was followed by three wonderful years on Widbey Island in Washington.  Margaret and I were separated in 1987 and divorced in 1991.  The girls are doing very well.  All of them graduated from Stephen F. Austin, and Jessica and Abigail earned law degrees from the University of Texas.  Melissa works in her mother’s law office and writes romance novels.  Abigail is happily married and has two beautiful children, Drew and Mary Bess. 
After Widbey I returned to Newport for advanced chaplains’ study and earned an MA in Human Resources Management from Salve Regina University.  Next was Naples, Italy (too good!) for two years with follow-on orders for Diego Garcia, a tiny British Territory atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  DG is like Tahiti must have been in the 1950’s, totally romantic, and six months into my tour I met Robyn.  We were married in 1996, and we both received orders to San Diego.  She went to North Island, I reported to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot where I served as command chaplain.  Our son, Denny, was born in 1999, and I retired to be a stay-at-home dad in 2000.


                              Matt SCHEEL

--After graduation I attended Bradley University, Peoria, IL. While there I went through AFROTC, helped found the SAE chapter, and studied Business Management/
-- Low draft # so I spent 4 years in the Air Force at Norton AFB, CA.
-- Married Arnold High grad Class of'66, Ruth Anne Pruitt, had son Scott, and entered the insurance business.
-- Left CA and moved to Indianapolis to help my grandfather with his insurance business (bad choice).
-- Moved to Ashland, KY (wife's home) and went into the home improvement business (bad choice).
-- Got divorced and moved to Ft. Walton Beach, FL.
-- Started a new construction company and met my current wife Pam Cooke Scheel. Our daughter and son were born 14 months apart so I went into wife's property management business to help (good choice!).
-- That was 28 years ago. Our children are working in our firm and being groomed to take over, allowing us to slow down and continue travelling in our senior years.


                   Claudia (THOMPSON) Bessenger
              1172 Palmetto St., Georgetown, SC 29440

After graduation from WHS, I returned to South Carolina and moved to Columbia where I attended college for 3 semesters.  I met and married Ed Bessinger and traded school for work so he could finish his last 3 years at the University of South Carolina.  He graduated in 1968 and our first daughter was born.  We moved to Myrtle Beach with his new job.  Two years later we were back in Columbia where our second daughter was born in 1970.  We moved to Florida with his job, stayed there another year or two, then moved to Greensboro, North Carolina where we both worked (me in accounting) for my uncle.  We then moved to Florence, SC.  (I guess I couldn’t get that Air Force rotation out of my system.)  I took a job in Marion, SC as the Personnel Manager for a small textile mill.  I worked there until I had my first MS (multiple sclerosis) experience.  We moved back to Columbia and I finally returned to work, this time for a real estate firm.  Then I got a job at the University of South Carolina working for the coaches of all spring sports, and I took some more college courses.  We moved again (I told you I just couldn’t sit still!) to Pawleys Island, SC where my parents had retired and my 3 sisters lived.  I opened a small real estate firm with one of my sisters.  I worked in real estate for 15 great years.  MS finally caught up with me, and after taking a year off, I applied finally applied for disability and retired.  (Way too young to retire…and I had a hard time making the adjustment.)  I had divorced Ed back in 1983, two years after moving to Pawleys Island, and started dating a retired dentist.  We were together until he died in 2003.  I reconnected with Mel at the Las Vegas reunion in 2004.  We moved in together in 2006, and his final stage of cancer became to focus of our lives.  In 2008, we moved from the mountains of North Georgia to Georgetown, SC (just a few miles from Pawleys Island) to be closer to my sisters before Mel got any sicker.  We lived in our house for exactly one year before he died in May of 2009.  In March of 2010, Mike Rudd took me to Washington, DC, where we met up with Don Rakestraw and Max Johnson.  We took some of Mel’s ashes to the Vietnam Wall where we scattered them, said a short prayer, and then returned to our lives.  It was a devastating loss for me, and even though I still miss him, I find myself back in the land of the living.  I enjoy my life to the fullest, enjoying concerts, little theater plays, book clubs, DAR, the health club, and my many friends and family.  MS is still a part of my life, but I am so thankful I’m doing this well after so many years. 


                      Jim THOMPSON
                  52916 Scenic Way  McAllen, TX 78503
              956-682-6939     956-330-3919

I left Wiesbaden within a few weeks of graduation for the States, specifically Ft. Worth, Texas. This is where my family called home, if brats can claim one. My Dad was assigned to the ROTC detachment and later became the PAS. My intentions were to attend the University of Texas but the financial logic of staying home and using the faculty discount at TCU won out. I managed to cram four years into four and a half and graduated in January 1969. I received a Math/physics degree, however my parents claimed it was really a major in fraternity, and commissioned a 2nd LT. While at TCU I met Sandy and we married in December ’68 prior to both our graduations. I reported to Pilot training at Randolph ARB starting a very short five year cycle with ATC. I received my wings at Randolph, instructor certification at Perrin AFB, flight instructor/class commander at Columbus AFB and finally returned to Randolph AFB training instructors and working in stan/eval. In March 1974 I turned down my Regular commission and left the Air Force. As much as I loved the military I was disappointed I did not serve in Viet Nam and believed I would not have had a successful career as a result. Being young and dumb, I didn’t appreciate how lucky I was.

We moved to McAllen, Texas where Sandy’s father asked me to join his steel fabrication business. Unfortunately Mr. Palmer was involved in a car/train accident and passed away six months later. Just turned 27 years old, I was in charge and have been at it every since. I am very proud of what we have been able to grow into and would love anyone interested in going to our website for a glimpse of what we do. In addition, to growing a company we also grew a great family of two children, a son and Daughter. My Daughter has blessed me with five grand children that I am terribly proud of. My son is still unmarried. They both live in McAllen which is fantastic and really fortunate. My Son is in the process of taking over the business and I still have hopes he will start a family of his own. My only regret is that my wife is not here to enjoy my kids and their children. Sandy passed away in 1999 of cancer after 30 years of marriage and I have remained single since.

During all this time I have been able to continue flying. I have now and since shortly after leaving the air force owned and flown a plane for business and pleasure. The only real mistake I have made is building a mini-jet which I am still messing with in Ft. Worth. That pretty much brings me up to date. As I phase out of the business I am having more time to pursue my hobbies of hunting, fishing, diving and golf, basically in that order. If I’m not at the office I am at the beach or on a hunting/fishing trip… Jim



Rich Wilhelm
1617 35th Street NW
   Washington DC 20007

-Short Form: Three careers (Navy, political, private sector), two marriages,  four kids, three grandchildren }

-Long Version: After graduating from Syracuse in Russian Studies, entered the Navy in '68 as an intelligence officer and, with a young wife and two kids in tow, began a 25 year odyssey, rotating between Washington DC, shipboard tours and five overseas commands in Italy (twice), Spain, Scotland and Japan.

 In 94, I was lucky enough to land in the White House, first on the National Security Council staff and then as Al Gore’s Deputy National Security Advisor, followed by a two year stint as Executive Director of the Intelligence Community as a Clinton appointee.

Transitioned to private sector in '98 and am a senior partner at Booz Allen Hamilton consulting firm where I am today. Remarried in 2005 to Shelly (who I met in San Francisco) who is a senior advisor at the State Department. Two step kids. We live in Georgetown in Wash where we have restored an old row house. Our four offspring: Erica and husband Andy live in central Illinois with 2 grandsons; Brett in Boulder, Colorado; Stephen and wife Carrie in New Orleans with one grandson; and Ariel is with us and will finish her senior year at Penn in 12.

                                               Barron WILK

I left Wiesbaden in August of ’64 as part of the mass migration of students back to the states for college and spent the first year at CW Post College on Long Island.  It didn’t take too long for me to figure out that this was the wrong college for me, so I transferred to Bucknell University in the fall of ’65 in the Electrical Engineering program.  After getting my BSEE in 1968, I went to work for DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware as a computer programmer.

My thought at the time was that I would work for DuPont for a few years until I figured out what I really wanted to do with my life.  Forty years later, I retired from IT work at DuPont (twenty-nine years as a DuPont employee, ten years as an Andersen Consulting/ Accenture manager, after DuPont outsourced its IT work to Andersen Consulting, and one year as an independent consultant).   As can be imagined, I had a wide variety of assignments that ranged from building simulation models of employees progressing through their careers to being the lead data management analyst for the implementation of an order processing system in the Asia/Pacific region to acting as the project/program manager of a wide variety of IT projects.  To my surprise, I spent the whole career working in Delaware other than the usual set of business trips (which included one to Bad Homburg which was the closest I ever got Wiesbaden after I left).
I met my wife, Annette, at a social event for graduate students at the University of Delaware (while I was a part time student working towards a MBA) and got married in 1972.  We have two married daughters; Elisa is a campus administrator for a community college in New Jersey and the mother of our 2 ½ year old granddaughter and Allison is a marketing analyst for a bank and lives here in Delaware.

                                      John WRIGHT


1964—Graduation WHS.

1968—Graduation Keen State College, New Hampshire.
1968-71—High School history teacher, Nashua HS, Nashua, New Hampshire.
1972-2004—Motorola Communications & Electronics Inc. (2-Way Radio Communications Division—Sales Representative, District Sales Manager, Regional Manager, National Sales Training, Director of Training Asia Pacific, Director of Learning and Development US).
2005-Present—KJW Consulting Inc.—Started a consulting practice focusing on Sales and Sales Management: Training, Consulting, Staffing & performance Improvement.

Married 8/26/67 -Three daughters: Kellie, Kerrie, Kim—all currently married and living in Parker, CO.  Each has a boy and a girl, thus I have 6 grandchildren. Separated and divorced in 2004.

Married in 2005 and have two children: John IV (16) and Jamie (13—born in Hong Kong, China).  Keeps me young.
Throughout my career with Motorola I traveled, lived and/or worked in all states in the Continental US, Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, Australia, and Canada.



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