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---some email (and photos) recently received...
2017 Sep 22
Email from Steve Bucina
2017 - Larry Sander visits Omaha and CWS 2016 - Rakestraw's Surprise 70th Birthday 2016, Feb Andrews/Maloney visit
2015, Aug DC Gathering 2015, May Georgetown, SC Lunch 2014, Dec Carolina lunch 2014Sep Rudd visits Maloney Omaha
2014 Aug  ABWA 2014, Jan Georgetown, SC Lunch 2014 May Maloneys visit w/ Spains 2013.Wiesbaden Trip May 2013
Sep 22, 2017

From: Steve Buchina <>
Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 3:37 PM
Subject: WHS '64
Hi Jim,
By happenstance, made a visit to your site ( a couple days back - it's been a while.  Thanks for adding notice on the passing of Dan Dundas.  I was an acquaintance of Dan's during the school year '64, but wouldn't say we were close buddies.  We just seemed to visit many of the same places at the same time.  Then there was that trip to Rome (Roma '64).  Not sure how, but several of us formed our own little adventure group on the trip down - perhaps we were all in the same compartment.  It was Bob Eckert, Ron MacKnight, Buddy Hesse, myself and Dan Dundas.  Except for an audience with Pope Paul VI (to have my grandmother's Rosary beads blessed), we stayed lost for most of that trip.  Wine, women and song while on far-off adventures to the sea and back (via Vespa) were a daily routine for us.  Six days just wasn't enough.
Remember the layover in Milan?  As on our travels to the coast, we again indulged ourselves at a nearby Piazza. With days of practice behind us, we had gotten pretty good with the British tunes coming out of Liverpool - good enough for an invite to a party that night. Unfortunately, we had a train to catch.  Aw, such bamboline - the stories that might have been told.    

ATTACHMENTS:  Just some things to add to your gallery - if you have a mind to. 
BRs,  Steve Buchina  Class of '64
Mugs:  Bill Alloway still has his and I have mine. (see here)
Bill Alloway:  Before & After  (see here)
Steve Buchina:  Before & After  (see here)
Bob Eckert:  Before & After   (see here)
Things From The Wallet:  
Where/How did I get a WOLF-TICKET and what was it used for???????????????  (see here)
Membership Card for "The black cat club" - address on back.  (see here)
Taxi numbers for when we had too much.   (see here)

June 2017
Larry Sander visited Omaha for College World Series
April 2016
Birthday Party for a surprised Don Rakestraw ..  Happy 70th Don  !!

Feb. 7,2016

John Andrews had a business meeting in Omaha and visited with his daughter, a student at Creighton University. And of course, there was also time for a 'catch-up' brew/wine with Omaha resident Jim Maloney.

Aug 2015
DC gathering
Mike Rudd had a Vietnam Helicopter reunion in DC planned in August. He contacted Don Rakestraw..... then Craig ONeill planned a trip to DC,,, then Jim Maloney planned a trip to visit his sister in DC. Then Judy planned to visit Catherine Brousseau..  Gayle Mercurio drove up from Ashville, NC and Don contacted local DC Warriors.. and before you knew it a gathering of WHS'64 Warriors was underway at Rakestraw's house. Folks from the local area who joined in the rendezvous were Rich Wilhelm, John Hunt, Connie (Coury) Watts, Eileen (Maloney) Simpson '62, and Greg Bailey '63.
Don Rakestraw hosted the gathering in magnificent style and grace with a magic bar and refrigerator which somehow stayed full.                   see photos here

May 2015
Georgetown, SC
Lunch gathering in Georgetown

Dec. 2014
December(2014) lunch, WHS 64-65 Coastal SC chapter
  Jim Lundie

Sep 2014
Mike & Cindy Rudd visited Jim & Peg Maloney in Omaha
while heading back to Florida in their Motor Coach

Aug 2014

Dana (Shumard) Robeson WHS’64 has been nominated as a 2015 Top Ten Business Woman of ABWA - American Business Woman Association.
Here’s a photo of Dana and Bob Holliker WHS’64 in ABQ last February.

Jan 2014
Georgetown, SC
From: Jim Lundie<>
Date: Sun, Jan 12, 2014     Subject: Lunch
I know you saw my posting on facebook concerning the lunch attended by Claudia, Tom & Peggy, Larry and Nancy and Diana and me in Georgetown, SC.  I've attached a picture thinking it might make a nice addition the class web site.  Looking forward to Austin!  See you soon.    Jim

May 2014
I recently travelled to Colorado to attend the AFA graduation ceremony. At the graduation ceremony I met up with Don Rakestraw who had just returned from the May 2013 Wiesbaden trip. We had a nice, though short visit. A couple of days later I had dinner at Sid and Robyn Spain's home in Lakewood, Colorado. They have built an authentic Italian pizza oven in their back yard and we had fun building and cooking our pizzas. .... JimM
   L-R: Peg and Jim Maloney, Robyn and Sid Spain                                  Jim's special pizza at Spain's Pizzaria

May 2013 trip to Wiesbaden

WHS Foyer staircase

L-R: Jean, Judy, Mark, Catherine, Don Cindi, Mike, Gayle, Sam, and Vince

The Crest

Mike and Don's new gasthaus freund

The Kurhaus

Championship Banner hoisted in new gym

Rathaus Square

Restaurant Allee

view from Opelbad

Dinner at Uhrturm

Judy in WHS Letterjacket

Sam with the "man" scarf Rudd helped him buy!

how smart- those Europeans let us know how many parking spaces are available in each lot

The EAGLE CLUB is back to being a private residence...beautiful

Kur Park in the rain

Don and Catherine

Mar 2013
Look who recently got together in Washington DC
Don Rakestraw, Judy (Dramer) Honegger, and Catherine Brousseau

Jim, On March 16th Judy and Sam Honegger and I joined Don Rakestraw for an evening out. Don had us by his place to see his amazing art collectionand then he took us to dinner at a lovely lakeside restaurant in Northern Virginia ...  CathyB








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