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Jul 18 Armstrong update    

From: James Armstrong <jga@thorndal.com>
Date: Mon, Jul 18, 2016

Jim, thanks for the info about Bill Rivers. I didn't know him well but recognized his photo. When I went to the website I was surprised to see that Rick Kepner passed so long ago and in my backyard....Nellis. Rick and I were pretty good friends. I think he was a year or two behind us. Sad.

I just finished my third Tecentriq treatment. This stuff was FDA approved in May. It is the so called " Jimmy Carter" therapy that worked wonders for him. My tumors are shrinking and side affects are very tolerable as of now. I am optimistic. 

I did my Panama fishing trip in June and caught 2 big Black Marlin ( 500 and 350 lbs. ) as well as 18 sailfish and several other species. Bottom line is " I ain't dead yet."
Feel free to pass this along. I will send some fish pictures under separate cover as I know Andrews will accuse me of lying. Jim.    😎