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Wiesbaden High School
Class of 1964
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1964 - 2018
WHO:WHS Class of 1964
            (and friends)

54th Reunion
WHERE: Key Bridge Marriott Hotel
                    Washington DC

WHEN: Thu. Nov.1st - Sun Nov.4th
Because We Still Can
 HOTEL:     Key Bridge Marriott   1401 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA   see map/directions
  For the WHS’64 “Reunion Room Block” page - click  here
Hotel Room and Transportation Information available
Rate available 11/01/18 to 11/04/18       
Book by 10/11/18
Planning to attend
 email to add your name  
Jim's guess 45                            currently = 45
ANDREWS, John & Lisa 2
BARRETT, Mike & Sara 2
BROUSSEAU, Catherine 1
Gardner, Larry Joe & Deanna  2
HALL, Howard & Maureen 2
HARRELL Kaye & daughter 2

HOLADAY, Bill & Christine

HONEGGER, Judy (Dramer) & Sam 2
Ivers, Carla & Doug 2


LANTZER, Sharon & Don 2
LUNDIE, Jim & Diana 2
MALONEY, Jim & Peg 2
MATTHIAS, Craig & Joan 2
MECURIO, Gayle (Russell) & Vince 2
WATTS, Connie (Coury) 1
RUDD, Mike & Cindy 2
SANDER, Larry & Nancy 2
SCHEEL, Matt & Pam 2

SCHREIBER, Mark & Linda


SHARPE, Chuck & Myra

SPAIN, Sid & Robyn 2
WILHELM, Rich & Shelly 2

From: Jim Maloney - Jan 22, 2018
Greetings Fellow WHS’64 Classmates and friends
      All - Please review this email address list and notify me if you are in contact with classmates/friends who you think should be included in these Reunion notifications. 
     Planning for our WHS’64 2018 DC Reunion is well underway by our hardworking Reunion Committee members Don Rakestraw, Rich Wilhelm, Connie (Coury) Watts, and Catherine Brousseau.   “Vielen Danke” to them all for their efforts on our behalf….

 To bring you all up to date –
WHO:       WHS’64 classmates and friends

WHAT:     54th Anniversary Celebration of WHS graduation
Key Bridge Marriott Arlington - 1401 Lee Highway, Arlington VA
                  --  Room rate $159/night (thanks, Don, for negotiating this awesome DC rate)
                   – more info soon with WHS’64 Reservation Code for your reservations.
WHEN:   Thursday, November 1st – to Sunday Nov. 4th, 2018
WHY:      Because we still can
1.Thursday evening there will be a ‘Welcome” reception at the Hotel
2. Planned evening activities for Friday and Saturday include a catered gathering/dinner at Rich Wilhelm’s house and a restaurant dinner (German??).
3. For your consideration, both (not each) of these evening activities will cost approximately $100/ person and along with the hotel ($159+tax) will hopefully be within everyone’s comfort zone.

4. To GREATLY assist the Committee with their planning of these events PLEASE notify me as soon as you can if you think you will PROBABLY attend. No firm commitment necessary at this time but a preliminary head count with help them immensely.
Suggested response:
o: jim@maloney

I’ve checked my very busy calendar and after moving things around in November… 
I wouldn’t miss this next opportunity to gather with my fellow WHS’64 Warriors.

Mark me down for TWO (2) to attend the Thursday Reception and the two additional dinner events.

Jim and Peg Maloney



Put down 2 Barretts, please.  
Got on the calendar, me for sure, need to do some convincing for the bride.
Howie Hall 
I have notified the senior center that I will not be able to teach my normal Friday ceramics class, the VFW that our Post corn-hole team will have to do without me and cancelled my standing synchronized swimming lesson, so I too will be there!  Diana's schedule is not so predictable as mine but I would guess that she'll be able to make it also. 
JgL (Jim Lundie)
 >>> Christ, Lundie! Next thing you'll be calling off reading your poems at the VA Hospital, you won't be
        going to the shelter to adopt geriatric strays, and you'll be stopping lab work on solving incurable
        diseases. All for HH Arnold High. Back then, sitting in a Stube, who'd a thought?
– Mike Barrett
Count us in for all activities, we're looking forward to it! Sharon & Don

(Sharon Baldi Lantzer)
Barring unforeseen developments and circumstances (the number of which is multiplying as I move more into our 8th decade), Robyn and I will be there. Thanks to the committee.  Marriott sounds great.  That's walking distance to Georgetown. right?--(barring unforeseen developments.)  Sid

Hi Friends,
Pam and I plan on being there.  We'll make reservations as soon as code is available.  Will send Don a check to help with plans.  Don't worry, I'm using my Corp
Tax cut money and am happy to send it back to DC.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Good health and as Maloney would say, "hope everyone has a good tail wind".  [Does that mean gas relief?]
Matt and Pam|
Hi Jim,
We checked our calendar for November which was empty but now we have written on it November 1 -4 for the 54th Anniversary Celebration of WHS graduation. Please mark us down for TWO (2) to attend the Thursday Reception and the two additional dinner events.   
Gayle Russell Mercurio & Vince Mercurio. 
I would not miss it for anything, so count me in for one. God bless! Max Johnson
Jim – my first attendance was at the 48th.  Can that be possible?  I’m fairly sure, last time I checked, I was still 35 or thereabouts.  Oh well, not just “yes” but “Hell, yes!”  And that slacker Carter Harris better make it this time, too.   --   Mark B. Schreiber
Jim,   Suz and I are probably out for the DC reunion. Regrettably, the final dates conflict with our Cabo timeshare which is a fixed week that can’t be changed. Complicating things further, we have some relatives from the Midwest who are joining us this year and plans have already been made.
Early on in the DC discussions, they were talking about doing the reunion a week earlier which would have been perfect for our schedule but I totally understand the need for a different set of dates. Orchestrating an event like this is a nightmare.
We will miss everyone and look forward to #56!
October/November is still a long way off. If things change on our end, we will do everything in our power to make it to DC.
….. Jim & Suz Armstrong
Hi Jim,
Lisa and I are planning on the reunion so please put us down for everything.
…. John Andrews

Jim,  I’m in.   I’m pitching my better half.  Thanks. 
John Gornall   (
Hi Jim,
I just talked to Don Rakestraw about the reunion and the new date in Nov. Both Deanna and I are planning to attend and look forward to going back the the Keybridge Marriott. Oh the memories of the great time we had last time!All the best,
Larry Gardner (

2016 attendees not yet responded for 2018

2-BESSINGER, Claudia & Curtis Whittington

2-BRESNAN, Lynn & Rick


1-MARSH, Howie(’63)


1-ONEILL, Craig

2-ROGERS, JeanKegler & Rusty


visitors since Jan 2016

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